Systems Changes 2019/05/13 at Systems Thinking Ontario

The progress on the Systems Changes research program was described at 67th monthly meeting of Systems Thinking Ontario.   The abstract read:

Systems Changes:  Attention, Errors, Traps

David Ing will continue exploring Systems Changes, with three perspectives.

These directions are to be shared in an open conversation, checking for resonance with the audience. 

Attendees were provided with a hardcopy printout (2 sides of a page), with the map projected on the large screen:

After covering the front side of the page, the three videos on the back side were played;

After a group discussion, the meeting closed out with some more exploratory work on "Science based on naturalist philosophy (implicit logic)".

The day after the presentation, David Ing had a in-person review with Kelly Okamura, motivating some additional revisions to be done for the CANSEE meeting.

These drawings were created using, with source files cached on a folder on Google Drive.