Systems Changes aims to reunify some of the research originating in the 1970s from (i) the systems approach; (ii) wicked problems; and (iii) pattern language (i.e. C. West Churchman, Horst Rittel and Christopher Alexander). To move this agenda forward, some appreciation of the development of pattern language from the late 1960s to 2012 can serve as a foundation.

The following slide presentation was presented at Systems Thinking Ontario, February 11, 2019.

Download as [PDF v0211a 12.9MB]

The abstract and source files are available as "2019/02/11 Systems Changes: Learning from the Christopher Alexander Legacy" on the Coevolving Commons.

The web video recording is available at .

Footnote: This presentation only catches readers up on Christopher Alexander's work, and not the fuller agenda of pushing towards an affordance language, see "2018/03/09 Evolving Pattern Language towards an Affordance Language" on the Coevolving Commons. (Audio was captured, and should be processed for that, too!)