2021-11-05 Friends or Foes: Theory of Change, Systemic Design (Thinking), Systems Changes Learning


Zaid Khan + David Ing


In this dialogue, we will facilitate a discussion amongst RSD10 participants on the compatibilities and incompatibilities between (i) Theory of Change (ToC), (ii) Systemic Design (Thinking) (SDT) and (ii) Systems Change(s) Learning (SCL).

As a trigger question, we will start with: Do ToC, SDT and SCL overlap to a greater or less extent? Can or should that overlap see further integration or separation?

The three approaches have been discussed as separate topics in prior RSD meetings.

We welcome a dialogue to explore the variety of perspectives and understandings on ways in which a synthesis of ToC, SDT and SCL is possible and/or desirable.


Moderation: Zaid Khan and David Ing

Agenda: Introduce concepts Suggested questions for dialogue Group dialogue Summary Facilitation: members of Systems Changes Learning Circle This workshop will be led by members of the Systems Changes (SC) Learning Circle – based out of Toronto, Canada. Started in 2019, the Circle is on a 10-year journey to develop methods based on multiparadigm inquiry that integrates a variety of schools of thought. On our journey, the Circle has previously shared its progress at RSD8 (Khan & Ing, 2019) and RSD9 (Ing, Khan et al., 2020).


Zaid Khan + David Ing, "Friends or foes: Theory of Change, Systemic Design (Thinking), Systems Changes Learning", Relating Systems and Design (RSD) 10, TU Delft.