Since the Systems Change Learning Circle was founded on a horizon of 10 years, ongoing work is subject to revision.

Here's a list of presentations, from the most recent, to the nascent:

2022-07 Journal of Sustainable Smart Behavior Systems Changes Learning: Recasting and reifying rhythmic shifts for doing, alongside thinking and making
2022-05-09 Systems Thinking Ontario Intention or Attention? Humbling Design through ‘Systems Changes Learning’
2022-03-04 Code for Canada Systems Thinking through Changes (for the Canadian Digital Service)
2021-11-05 Relating Systems Thinking and Design 10 Friends or Foes: Theory of Change, Systemic Design (Thinking), Systems Changes Learning
2020-10-22 Global Change Days Learning With Humility: Systems Thinking and Reordering Priorities
2020-10-19 Systems Thinking Ontario Theoretical Grounds, Pragmatic Grounds: Methods for Reordering our Priorities through Systems Changes Learning
2020-10-14 RSD9 Reordering our Priorities through Systems Change Learning
  • Are Systems Changes Different from System + Change?
  • Why (Intervene in) Systems Changes?
  • Whom, when + where do Systems Changes situate?
  • How do Systems Changes become natural practice?
2019-01-14 Systems Thinking Ontario Systems Changes: A Call for Participation